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Invited Speakers
Qunji Xue (Chairman)
Academician, Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Liping Wang (Executive Chairman)
Director of Key Laboratory of New Materials and Application Technology in Marine, Chinese Academy of Sciences
David Yan (Confirmed)
Coating Specialist, Technical Support, DNV GL - Marietime
Peiyuan Qian (Confirmed)
Director, Environmental Science Programs, School of Science, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Xiaogang Li (Confirmed)
Vice-president of college of new materials and technology of University of Science and Technology Beijing
Changjian Lin (Confirmed)
Professor, Xiamen University
Zhengbin Xu (Confirmed)
Director of coating institute in Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Xiuqing Xu (Confirmed)
CNPC Tubular Goods Research Institute
Blackwood Daniel (Confirmed)
Professor, National University of Singapore
Zuo Pan (Confirmed)
Senior Engineer, CIMC group unitized institute
Ganxin Jie (Confirmed)
State key laboratory of Environmental Adaptability for Industrial Products
Kexun Fei (Confirmed)
Senior Engineer, CGN Suzhou Nuclear Power Research Institute
Zhenqiang Jiang (Confirmed)
Wakai Satoshi (Confirmed)
Professor, Kobe University, Japan
Shaoyi Jiang (Confirmed)
Professor, University of Washington, USA
Huaxiong Ma
Director,Tianjin Port Engineering Institute Co.,Ltd of CCCC First Harbor Engineering Co.,Ltd
Qiang Qu
Head of Marine Consulting Center State Oceanic Administration of China
Haibin Yu (Confirmed)
Researcher, Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Xiaohui Liu (Confirmed)
Chief Expert, SINOPEC Safety Engineering Institute
Yangzhi Wei (Confirmed)
Liuzhou Bureau of China Southern Power Grid Extra-high Voltage Transmission Company
Baorong Hou
Academician, Professor, Institute of Oceanology, CAS
Tongyi Zhang
Academician, Professor, Shanghai University
Xinping Mao
Academician, Vice-general engineer, Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corp.
Aldred Nick
Professor, Newcastle University, UK
Lee Inwon
Professor, Pusan National University, Korea
Hack Harvey
Doctor, NACE International, USA
Enhou Han
Professor, Institute of Metal Research, CAS; Chair, World Corrosion Organization
Wenkui Hao
Engineer, Electric Advanced Material Research Institute of State Grid Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute
Fuhui Wang
Professor, Institute of Metal Research, CAS
Chaoli Ma
Professor, Beihang University
Jianjun Fang
Director of Laboratory, Academy of Changzhou Coating Chemical Industry, CNOOC
Yansheng Yin
Professor, Shanghai Maritime University
Zongyu Gao
Chief Engineer, China Railway Major Bridge Reconnaissance &Design Institute Co., Ltd
Taijiang Gui
Chief engineer of Marine Chemical Research Institute, Qingdao
Zhihui Tang
Researcher, AECC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials
Jinchao Liu
Engineer-in-Chief, Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute Co. Ltd of China Energy Engineering Group (GEDI)
Yao Zhan
Chief Expert, China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited
Yong Dai
Investment Director of Xinjiang Goldwind Sci & Tech Co., Ltd.
Xiaohu Wang
Guodian United Power Technology Company Limited
Dalong Cong
Engineer, No.59 Research Institute of China North Industries Group Corporation
Luochen Yuan
Senior Engineer, AVIC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials
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